renoise chat?

Want to keep in touch (in realtime) while never losing focus of your favorite daw?


1. Download (& install) plugin:

simple irc client

2.  In Renoise, go to:

Help > Visit the community chatroom…

3.  On the new popup, click “more options”.

4.  Configure panel as follows:

  • server:
  • port: 6667
  • channel: #testchannel
  • username:  testname
  • realname:  testname
  • nickname:  testname

(NOTE:  “testchannel” & “testname” could be replaced with your own values.)

5. Check “Show-status window” & then connect.

6.  To simulate chat, point a web browser to:

alpha chat

7.  From the top of the page, filter by channel name (e.g. testchannel) & login with a new unique user name (e.g. testname2).

8.  Type a message (& see it appear in renoise!)

….a few side notes.

IRC works by a user connecting to a server & then joining a channel (or room).

To connect to one of these servers, you can use your browser (as we did above), or a standalone client app.  Am currently trying out the free LimeChat, though Textual also seems cool (as a paid alternative).

After you’ve decided upon a client, you have to find a server (address) to connect to.  Tried using FreeNode, but it stopped working after attempting to login from multiple clients simultaneously.  Debated investigating further, but then tried AlphaChat which worked immediately.